Intro to Coding Workshops

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Makers, the oldest coding bootcamp in Europe has teamed up with ShowCode to inspire a new generation of women to learn more about coding. We're excited to join Athena as an event partner delivering free Intro to Coding workshops to attendees! Venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen, asserted ‘software is eating the world’ - come start your journey into software programming to stay ahead of the robots.


What really happens down at the software level when you hire a Boris Bike or swipe your Oyster Card? One of the principles of object oriented programming is to model the real world and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. In a 2-hour workshop run by an experienced developer we’ll cover the basics of the Ruby programming language and how it can be used to build the systems that run our world and our internet. Please bring you laptop and lots of mental energy!

About Makers

Makers is a software engineering bootcamp based in London - we are creating a new generation of tech talent who are skilled and ready for the changing world of work. At our core, Makers combines tech education with employment possibilities to transform lives.